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Competency Areas

The Project 168 program features 10 competency areas with core and elective activities. When completed, your understanding of yourself and your community will be greatly enhanced. And you will make a lasting impact, everywhere you go.

List of Competency Areas

icon gold circle blue outline. "Service, Civic Engagement and Activism" written along the rim.

Service, Civic Engagement and Activism

As an active member of your community, learn how you connect with and impact your local, state, national and global communities.

View Curriculum : Service, Civic Engagement, Activism

Circle with blue triangle with outside ring that reads "leadership development"

Leadership Development

Enhance your recognition as a leader among your peers with your demonstrated inter/intra/extrapersonal leadership skills. 

View Curriculum : Leadership Development

gold and blue circle with "career and professional development" on the outside ring.

Career and Professional Development

Feel an enhanced sense of preparedness as an aspiring professional entering the workforce after graduation because of the equal value you place on inside- and outside-classroom experiences.

View Curriculum : Career and Professional Development

gold and blue circle with "cross-cultural competency" on the outside ring.

Cross-Cultural Competency

The diverse thoughts, identities and value systems you will engage in outside the classroom will provide a greater understanding of your community and prepare you for global citizenship. 

View Curriculum : Cross-Cultural Competency

gold and blue circle with "appreciation of the arts" written inside.

Appreciation of the Arts

Gain a greater appreciation for liberal and creative arts and a better understanding of their importance to the culture of a larger society. Explore your personal preference either as an active participant or observer of the arts. 

View Curriculum : Appreciation of the Arts

gold and blue circle with "wellness" written inside.


A holistic and positive approach to self-care with attention to mental health and emotional and physical well-being is a hallmark of the Wellness competency. You will demonstrate a commitment to a healthy, balanced and productive lifestyle. 

View Curriculum : Wellness

gold and blue circle with "community standards and student responsibility written inside with a compass.

Community Standards and Student Responsibility

Consider community/neighborly values and expectations as they relate to developing interpersonal relationships. Learn to understand community expectations through institutional and neighborhood lenses. 

View Curriculum : Community Standards and Student Responsibility

gold and blue circle with "sense of self" written inside over an open eye.

Sense of Self

Reflect on personal values and expectations as you develop your self-concept, and have a more developed and positive sense of self. 

View Curriculum : Sense of Self

gold and blue circle with "Alma Mater" written inside.

Alma Mater

Feel proud to be a member of the Catamount community and develop a collegiate career that prepares you for success across all your identities (professional, community member, friend, family member, etc.). 

View Curriculum : Alma Mater

gold and blue circle with the words "reflection project" written inside.

Reflection Project

Explore and actively engage in the societal priorities impacting the state of West Virginia as a member of the WVU Potomac State College community. The WVU System has a significant impact as a land-grant institution serving the 1.8 million residents of the state. 

View Curriculum : Reflection Project