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About Project 168

Project 168 is an innovative approach to add purpose to WVU students’ outside-the-classroom experiences while bringing WVU’s core values to life.

What is Project 168?

  • At West Virginia University Potomac State College, what a student learns outside of the classroom is just as important as what they learn during class. Project 168 formally recognizes and awards a credential for extracurricular effort.
  • Project 168 is a self-paced, co-curricular experience that will offer a minimum of 50 opportunities to engage in ten content areas.
  • Project 168 is free of charge and available to all students.

How is Project 168 unique?

  • Using WVU Engage, the University Registrar tracks participation, creating an official written record of a student’s activities.
  • Students may personalize Project 168 based on their interests, engaging in experiences that matter to them yet meet the requirements to complete the required curriculum.
  • Each student will be assigned a coach who will provide support and feedback as the student progresses towards completion.

How are Project 168 activities tracked?

  • Students use WVU Engage to log participation and submit follow-up activities as required.
  • Each student will be assigned a coach, who reviews and signs off on their assigned students’ activities.

Benefits of completing?

  • The co-curricular transcript can be used for graduate/professional school applications and potential employers.
  • All WVU Potomac State College students can participate. Past activities (before Project 168 starts) can be counted toward completion.
  • When the requirements for each competency area have been met, students receive a co-curricular transcript printed on official WVU Potomac State College transcript paper.
  • Students who complete the curriculum will be invited to join the 168 Society, a new honor society.