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Add purpose to your outside-the-classroom experiences while bringing WVU’s core values to life.

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project 168

There are 168 hours in a week, and the Catamount experience will make the most of them. The 10,080 minutes that make up your week include going to class (of course), but these are also the moments when you will lead, serve, compete, create and sleep.

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About Project 168

At WVU Potomac State College, what a student learns outside of the classroom is just as important as what they learn during class. Project 168 is a way to formally recognize this and provide a credential for extracurricular effort.

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Competency Areas

The Project 168 program features 10 competency areas with core and elective activities. When completed, your understanding of yourself and your community will be greatly enhanced. And you will make a lasting impact, everywhere you go.

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Faculty, staff, and alumni are invited to serve as volunteer coaches for students completing the Project 168 curriculum requirements. Responsibilities include advising students on their progress and meeting with students virtually or in-person as needed.

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