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When you think of your years as a student, which memories are the most vivid? Time spent with friends? Events sponsored by student organizations and clubs? Your hours in classrooms and labs?

Many faculty, staff, and alumni feel that the time spent outside of the classroom, engaged in activities with friends, is the most memorable – and when they put the knowledge they learned in class into practice.

Project 168 is an innovative approach to add purpose to students’ outside-the-classroom experiences while bringing WVU Potomac State College's core values to life. This self-paced, co-curricular experience offers a minimum of 50 opportunities through which any undergraduate student can engage in ten content areas.

Serve as a Project 168 Coach

Faculty, staff, and alumni are invited to serve as volunteer coaches for students completing the Project 168 curriculum requirements. Responsibilities include advising students on their progress and meeting with students virtually or in-person as needed; it’s simple and requires only a few hours each month.

How to Get Involved

  • Complete the Project 168 coach application.  
  • Coaches will meet, either individually or in groups, with their students throughout the semester. This can be via email, Zoom, or in person.

Guiding Students through the Curriculum

Review the curriculum and encourage them to be creative with the content areas! Students may substitute another elective in place of one explicitly stated in any of the content areas by providing justification. This allows students to personalize the Project 168 experience to match their passions and interests.

Coach Resources

  • Monthly coaching support group
  • Project 168 Coach Manual
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Student Progress Reports